About event rescheduling

Unfortunately, we will not be able to celebrate the 15th anniversary of OBA FESTIVAL in 2022. We aim to provide the best experiences for everyone who entrusts their carnival to us. We have always been attentive and concerned about the safety of our revelers and one of the requirements for our party to be celebrated in 2022 was that everyone had the complete vaccine cycle against Covid-19, and the epidemiological conditions controlled. But it didn't, the pandemic is not over yet and on January 7, 2022, the Prefecture of Votuporanga announced the ban on holding any type of event during the carnival period in 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those who choose to keep their ticket

For those who had already purchased their tickets for the event, accesses are automatically valid for 2023;

For those who have past due booklets and tickets and still want to keep their ticket, send an email with the subject PAGAMENTO para [email protected] that our team will contact you.

By keeping your ticket, you are demonstrating your solidarity with an entire class of professionals.

For those who opt for a refund

We will follow all the rules and guidelines already outlined and regulated by Law No. 14.046/20, amended by Provisional Measure No. 1.101, of 02/21/2022, aiming at the rights and obligations of the parties in the face of postponements, cancellations, refunds and etc. resulting from the effects of the pandemic.

For those who opt for a refund, just send an email with the subject REEMBOLSO to [email protected] with your full name and CPF until 06/10/2022.

  • The deadline for returning the amount paid is until 12/31/2023;
  • For purchases made via booklet or bank slip (paid and unpaid) we will refund the amount paid to the current account;
  • For purchases on cards paid off or with installments due, the chargeback will be made directly with the credit card operator, following the policy of each operator;
  • For purchases made in branches, the reimbursement request must be made directly with each partner.


  • Cerveja Itaipava
  • Unifev
  • Converd
  • Ruiz Coffees
  • T Flow


  • Flash Net Rio Preto
  • Iguatemi S. J. do Rio Preto
  • Hospital de Base
  • Graal
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