Carnival in another dimension

Have you already thought about a carnival that brings together beautiful people, organized surroundings, songs of all kinds and lots of fun? We thought and realized it! The OBA Festival reaches the 15th edition in 2022 (February 26nd to March 1st) and promises to surprise even more! Excellence is our watchword.

We are in Votuporanga, 520 km from the capital of São Paulo. The entire party takes place at the "Helder Henrique Galera" Event Center (back road Ângelo Commar), starting in the afternoon, followed by an intense party schedule until dawn.

Those who buy the passport to Oba are entitled to four days of celebration in more than 40 hours of music. There are several places you may choose. Go to the "Buy" link and learn more.

Entering the Oba World is to venture out in an another dimension carnival.

The Oba Festival is THE GREATEST CARNIVAL OF SÃO PAULO STATE, held in a gigantic indoor space, the OBA WORLD, which has a complete infrastructure to receive thousands of partygoers from all over Brazil and even from abroad. Believe me, you will see a lot of beautiful people around here.

You will live 4 crazy days, in a totally open bar scene, enjoying the best attractions. Come to this unique experience and understand why entering the Oba World is to venture out into an another dimension carnival.

The Oba Festival is not just a party, it is an experience. People from all over the country may know Votuporanga just to hear about its famous carnival held in a grand space with an innovative structure, music for all tastes, super VIP service, the biggest shows in Brazil, impeccable organization, good looking people.

Big-names have already passed our stage, such as Ivete Sangalo, Afrojack, Jorge and Mateus, Wesley Safadão, Vintage Culture and many others famous from axé music as well as electronic music, funk and brazilian country music.

See you in 2020! Come and meet an another dimension carnival.

Stage Shows

The "Helder Henrique Galera" Events Center (back road Ângelo Commar) has a large avenue which the entire structure of Oba is distributed on it. The big stage is on this avenue and it is where the crowd focuses on the track to watch the shows in the afternoon. Then, the avenue opens space for the partygoers follow the trio elétrico until early in the morning.

Trio Elétrico Shows

In addition to the great shows we have on our main stage, a Trio Elétrico goes along the avenue dragging a crowd. Who never opened the corridor in the middle of the avenue at the Oba Festival did not live its best carnival yet. So, let's go party here!

Theme Party

As it is a tradition in Votuporanga, a thematic party is suggested to the partygoers everyday at Oba. Although the costumes are not mandatory, everyone is waiting for the themes to be defined in order to prepare their costumes.

Oba Festival History

The Oba was born in 2007 with the junction of old carnival blocks of the city. The result of this partnership was the beginning of an innovative carnival, considered the second best carnival in the country, according to a survey conducted by the MTV website in 2011.

Currently, the founders of the event are entrepreneurs of Votuporanga city. The event has the support of the authorities and the local population. Safety and comfort are also Oba's values!

“We come from the carnival of Salvador and find here in the countryside of São Paulo one of the best carnivals in Brazil. Everywhere we go, people say that they are going to Votuporanga, for the Oba Festival” – Léo Cavalcanti, lead singer of Band The Zorra band.


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