Carnival in another dimension

Have you already thought about a carnival that brings together beautiful people, organized surroundings, songs of all kinds and lots of fun? We thought and realized it! The OBA Festival is a super event held for 14 editions in the city of Votuporanga and that will reach the 15th edition in 2023 (February 18th to 21st) in a mega structure set up at the "Alberto Bertelli Lucatto" Exhibition Center in São José do Rio Preto, there are 440 km from the capital.

The Oba Festival is the BIGGEST CARNIVAL OF SÃO PAULO STATE, held in a gigantic indoor space, the OBA WORLD, which has a complete infrastructure to receive thousands of revelers from the four corners of Brazil and abroad. The crowd meets in different environments, including the Pista (Ground area), Camarote (Vip box) and Camarote Premium (VIP Premium Box) by Café de La Musique.

There are several spaces to choose from. Go to the “Buy” link and learn more.

Whoever buys the Oba passport is entitled to four days of partying with more than 40 hours of song for all tastes, super VIP service, the biggest shows in Brazil, impeccable organization. You will live four insane days, in a totally open bar revelry, enjoying the best attractions.

Excellence is our watchword! The party starts in the early evening and continues until dawn with nationally known artists taking turns on stage and electric trio. Big names have already passed through our stage, such as Ivete Sangalo, Gusttavo Lima, Alok, Jorge e Mateus, Wesley Safadão and many other famous axé music and also electronic, funk and sertanejo music.

See you in 2023! Come and experience a carnival from another dimension.

Stage Shows

The "Alberto Bertelli Lucatto" Exhibition Center has a large area where the entire structure of the Oba is distributed. A big stage is set up and it's where the crowd concentrates on the dance floor to watch the shows. Afterwards, the avenue opens up space for people to run after the trio elétrico until dawn.

Trio Elétrico Shows

In addition to the great shows we have on our main stage, a Trio Elétrico goes along the avenue dragging a crowd. Who never opened the corridor in the middle of the avenue at the Oba Festival did not live its best carnival yet. So, let's go party here!

Theme Party

As is tradition, every day of Oba a themed party is suggested to revelers. Although the costumes are not mandatory, everyone is waiting for the themes to be defined in order to prepare their costumes.

Oba Festival History

The Oba was born in 2007 with the junction of old carnival blocks of the city of Votuporanga/SP. The result of this partnership was the beginning of an innovative carnival, considered the second best Carnival in the country, according to a survey conducted by the MTV website in 2011.

Currently, the directors of the Oba Festival are entrepreneurs known for holding major events. Safety and comfort are also hallmarks of the Oba Festival

“We arrive from Salvador's carnival and find here in the interior of SP one of the best carnivals in Brazil. Everywhere we go, people say they're going to the Oba Festival! And they say: play hard there huh, blow it up” – Léo Cavalcanti, lead singer of Zorra

In 2023, looking for growth, Oba Festival moves to São José do Rio Preto, one of the best cities in the country to live.


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