Where to stay

Know all the options to stay and enjoy the Carnival in São José do Rio Preto.

If you are coming from far away and you are looking for a place to stay here in São José do Rio Preto, pay attention to these tips below. Hotels are already pretty crowded, but the good news is that we have several other options for you, such as leisure farms, house sharing, houses or spaces prepared by travel agencies. You can consult the contacts right here on the site.


For those who want convenience when getting the Carnival package, a good option is travel agencies that organize excursions to São José do Rio Preto with everything included: lodging, food, admission to the event and much more! They already solve everything and you just enjoy it. Many excursions also have afternoon parties in their hotels, that are called “esquentas”. Oba has several official partners that offer these services. If you want convenience and security to get everything ready, talk to them!

Click here and contact us directly and see what is the best package that suits you.
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House Sharing

You see, revelers, another good (and cheerful) accommodation option is house sharing... Ah, what is the difference of them? You may have the perfect combination: cheaper prices + lively people + drink / food included.

And don't worry about that traditional "warm up" before OBA starts ... Every day the house sharing called “Repúblicas” have some sort of event, music and excitement!

The house sharing has shared or individual rooms and spaces for interaction and coexistence, besides the facilities / services for a good stay.

It's worth checking the package of your “República” and see what is included, ok? But one thing is certain: many of them are already becoming nationally known by the great organization they are hosting for the OBA Festival. The staff is always working on it!

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We have several hotels in S. J. do Rio Preto, but the tip is to plan and book well before the event date. This is because many of them are already 100% full for Carnival. The Oba is so famous that many neighboring cities also have full hotels long before, including Fernandópolis, Sao José do Rio Preto, Valentim Gentil, among others. But you may always try! Browse the hotels list and search there. For those who want something calmer, a quiet environment and far from the enjoyment of house sharing and farms, this is the best option. Research it to get a good value as it is considered a high season in the city. Be sure to plan the transportation to the event too.

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Rent Houses / Farm Houses

Will you come in a group? Let's look for a house in town or a small farm? There are several options. For houses, some families vacate their property for rent during the carnival. And leisure farms are great options for large groups who also want to organize pool parties and 24-hour parties. On our fanpage, lots of people leave messages in the comments offering these places.

Click here and access the AIRBNB site where you can find various options of property for you and your stay.

You have no excuses! Call the guys, get it organized and let's go to Oba! This carnival is one of the largest in Brazil and known for the quality of the organization. You can't be left out.

We have shown above that there are several accommodation and transportation options to make your life easier and ensure your peace of mind. It is important to make a check list and not to forget anything. There's a place reserved for you in our city.

Search for the best prices and go party! Good luck and see you there!


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