Find in Votuporanga a piece of Bahia in São Paulo

Foundation - August 8, 1937
Mayor – Jorge Augusto Seba
Vice-Mayor – Valter Benedito Pereira
Official Site – www.votuporanga.sp.gov.br

Located in the Northwest region of São Paulo state, 520 km from the capital, in the administrative region of São José do Rio Preto.

Reference in the countryside of São Paulo

Votuporanga is one of the fastest growing brazilian cities in the country. It is a regional leader in job creation and business investment. The municipality grows every day, maintaining the quality of life of its population, estimated at about 92 thousand inhabitants. The population can count on an excellent structure to provide public services in transportation, education, culture, health, including Santa Casa hospital, which became a national reference with medical specialists and state-of-the-art technology. All these factors gave the municipality the 4th best HDI - Human Development Index of the region.

Economic Potential

Votuporanga is the commercial center of all the neighboring cities. Its trade has a wide variety of products, quality in service, class organization and commitment to the consumer.

The economy is based on a large and productive furniture center, considered one of the largest in Brazil. Agriculture is also prominent in the region.

It still congregates the headquarters of the great industries of road implements, Facchini and Truck Galego. In the area of event tourism, the carnival has national prominence, being considered one of the best in the country, thanks to the Oba.

In recent years, the city has gained new postcards that have increased the sense of pride of the entire population. Research shows that 90% of voters are proud to live in the city. The new Amazonas Street and the new Concha Acústica (a downtown place for dance and music events) transformed the shopping center; the Parque da Cultura is the best choice for leisure and culture of the whole region. FLIV, Votuporanga Literary Festival, is considered the largest free multicultural event in the state and the Plinio Marin arena is one of the best stadiums in São Paulo state.

Due to the great influx of tourists, the city has a well structured hotel network, with capacity to attend from the tourism of events as also business tourism.


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