Frequently Asked Questions

Here we list the main questions about the party.

1. How to buy my abadá?
Visit the link www.obafestival.com.br/compre and consult all sale points, or if you prefer you can buy it on internet through the link www.guicheweb.com.br/oba.
2. Is there any sort of tour package with ticket and accommodation for the Oba Festival?
The Oba Festival only sells tickets for the entrance to the event, but there are agencies that offer packages with accommodation, airfare and tickets.
Visit www.obafestival.com.br/excursoes to consult agencies that offer accommodation packages and tickets. Or if you prefer to join friends, visit the link www.obafestival.com.br/republicas and find house sharing information to the Oba Festival.
3. Is it possible to buy tickets only for one party day?
Yes, however, individual day sales will only be disclosed near the event.
4. What am I entitled purchasing the ticket?
Oba offers you three types of tickets to enjoy the four days of celebration. To understand the benefits and values of each, visit www.obafestival.com.br/ingressos;
5. When is the last day to buy my abadá?
Sales continue through the days of the event, however, prices are subject to change as the lot changes and may also be sold out ahead of time. The tip is: buy now and guarantee your ticket for the best price!
6. Will underage 18 be allowed?
Persons under 18 years old are not allowed in the event.
7. Are there different types of tickets?
Visit www.obafestival.com.br/ingressos to see the differences in each type of ticket.
8. Where is the event location?
In 2023, for the first time, the Oba Festival will be held at the "Alberto Bertelli Lucatto" Exhibition Center in the city of São José do Rio Preto/SP, which during the carnival is called Mundo Oba. For more information about the place, access www.obafestival.com.br/mundooba.
9. Will there have other types of drinks and food at the event?
Yes, we will have a food court for the sale of various types of snacks, food and beverages.
10. If I buy my ticket on the internet do I get my abadá kit at home?
No. Tickets will not be sent by mail, they must be picked up on the dates and place to be informed by email to buyers. The pick-up location and time will also be displayed; released on the official website of the Oba Festival. No, the tickets will not be sent by mail, they must be picked up on the dates and place to be informed by email to buyers. The pick-up location and time will also be displayed; released on the official website of the Oba Festival.
11. What do I receive as proof of internet purchases?
In addition to the purchase approval email, next to the event date, an email will be sent to everyone who bought through the official website, with the subject of WITHDRAWAL INFORMATION. This email will contain all the location and time information to get the abadá kit as well as an E-TICKET print link, which must be printed and presented by the purchase holder along with their documents at the withdrawal time.
12. What documents should I present at the withdrawal time?
The purchase holder must present in addition to the copy of the printed E-TICKET, his or her ID and passport, or it is also accepted the person´s driving license. In case of non-Brazilian, it is required the Passport instead of CPF. Under no circumstances will fax or copy of documents be accepted.
13. In case I cannot go to the event and decide to sell my ticket, what do I need to do?
There are two possible situations: the first is for those who bought at one of the fixed points and already have the voucher in hand. For another person to withdraw this ticket, simply present it at the withdrawal time along with their documents (ID and passport) and ask the attendant to exchange the CPF or passport (for non-brazilians) that was registered at the time of purchase.
In the second hypothesis, for people who bought over the internet, from now on, a new functionality in the ordering area was made available, where the ticket holder can transfer one or more tickets for another person to use. After the transfer is made, the E-Ticket now has the name of the new ticket user, which should be printed and presented along with their documents (ID and passport), no longer needing anything from the purchase holder. To make the transfer the person must access www.guicheweb.com.br/oba/pedidos to enter your username and password. It is important to remember that the transfer is irreversible, once the transfer is made it is no longer possible to transfer to another person. It is also important to follow the E-Ticket guidelines. In the situation someone presents the power of attorney in the old ways, it will still be accepted.
14. If I buy a ticket from a stranger, am I at risk?
Yes, our tickets are managed by a system that although the ticket is original, it may have restrictions such as being stolen and blocked by occurrence report, among other situations. This is why it is very important that you buy only from acquaintances and yet take care not to be fooled.
15. How is the entrance control to the event?
At the withdrawal time of the abadá-kit, the ticket holder CPF or passport number will be registered in the bracelet that will be worn by the partygoer every event days. Upon entry, the wristband will be read and verified by system, preventing another wristband with the same barcode from entering the event. This bracelet is essential for the entrance to the event, so be very careful with it. In the case of the wristband loss, only the registered CPF or passport number may cancel the lost wristband and request the issuance of another one by paying the reissue fee. In case of non-Brazilian, it is required the Passport instead of CPF.
16. Where will be the abadá-kit withdrawal place?
Next to the event date we will disclose the dates, times and places to get the abadá-kit.
17. Will we have a theme party this year?
Yes, as is already a tradition in Votuporanga, this year we will also have thematic parties, but costumes are not mandatory.
18. Will it be a single abadá for every day?
Yes, at the time you take the abadá-kit, you will receive the t-shirt (abadá) that is not required, since we have a theme party every day. The suggested theme for the abadá use is on Tuesday. Also remembering that the abadá is made of a very light fabric, consequently, if you wash the t-shirt, it dries quickly.
19. What is the guidance for those who will customize the abadá t-shirt?
You can do whatever you want with it, as long as you don't cut the Oba's logo, keeping it on the front of the shirt. The symbol is the security mark of the party to identify those who have purchased the abadá t-shirt.
21. What will be the carnival timetable?
From February 18, 2023 until February 20, 2023, the gates open at 7 pm and close at 7 am. On the last day (21 Feb 2023), so the outside crowd will not be harmed, the gates open at 4 pm and will probably close at 1 am.
22. I bought my ticket in the years the event was postponed, do I need to request a new ticket?
No, tickets issued for carnival 2021 and 2022 that were postponed are automatically valid for the carnival of Oba Festival in 2023.


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